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How can we trust you to pay the money we never met you ?

We always believe “business begins with trust and ends with character”, this is core value when we doing business wordwide. 

Do you have customer in XXX country ? Can you share their name and products they bought ?

I am afraid we are not able to disclose their names and orders because they require privacy and have signed a NDA agreement with us. We owe a duty of care to our clients to prevent any risk of harm. If we can work together, we will also keep all of your information safe. Thank you for your understanding. 

What if my products arrive damaged / faulty ?

Don’t worry, we will take full responsibility for items that arrive  to you damaged or faulty. It request that you should check the products carefully when goods arrive at your place.

How do I claim my warranty ?

Easy ! Just email us at info@hzweland.com and provide a detailed description of fault and photos ( or video, where appropriate ) show the damage or fault. We will then reply within 2 days. 

Do you offer warranty for your products ?

Yes, we do. Warranty periods differ with each product. You may view the warranty coverage available for each product in the product info section of the product page. The warranty period commences from the date that goods are received. Our warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product that has a manufacturing or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used. For full details about warranty, pls visit our warranty page.  

What are the international taxes, duties, etc., that I have to pay ?

Generally, you need to pay the taxes / tariffs when import, HS code can be provided you to check the tax rate / tariff on your country customs’ website.

I don’t know how to arrange the shipping, can you help ?

Pls see the below simple chart how the goods arrive at your place. You need to find a forwarder that help you arrange shipping and clear the goods for import. If you don’t have, we can recommend you.

How can I track my order production ?

It’s a good question. Transaction is not the end, but the beginning of the service. You can track your orders to know the production progress on our website. Any problems, pls keep in touch. 

Can you offer us discount ?

We do have a discount program for those prospective clients who are interested buying from us. We can definitely have a conversation about specific order,but let’s make sure we’re on the same page about our products and company being a good fit for your needs.  

Why is your product so cost-effective ?

Our mission is to help our customers cut down the buying costs, we don’t believe in over-priced strategy.We have been striving to do our best to keep price as low as possible without sacrificing quality. For instance, our critical components like frame and hardware are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. Beyond that, we improve the competitiveness on manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible material options and manage production process.We hope that by giving our best support on price to you, we could help improve your market competitiveness and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

Why is your price so high ?

Here is my thoughts that would like to share with you : I think you will agree with me that “why should you choose to work with us” is not because how good we are or how cheap the price is of our offer. It is because our offer meets your needs and our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance.So I am sure price itself can not be the only factor that stops you from exploring us who might surpirse you in a good way. Besides, you probably want to make sure we are comparing apple to apple when you mentioned our price is “relatively high” shall you have any comparison at hand. I am sure you know well that different quality of material used and different designing adopted make much difference on the price. Customers concern mostly about the furnitures durability & performance and the after-sales services, so I guess you definitely will be in the same line with us that qualified services and durable furnitures are strongly dependent on reasonable profit for suppliers. A low price is more possible to end-up being never-ending troubles. There is no shortage of cheap products in the world, but there is a lack of good ones. The only disadvantage of expensive things is that they are expensive, the only advantage of cheap things is that they are cheap.  

Can I order extra parts for my furnitures ?

We are here to help ! Pls specify the parts you need and we will be able to assist you. Pls note that we cannot guarantee that all parts will be available to purchase. ( Pls do provide us with images so that we can better identify the parts you require ).

Am I able to order a sample for evaluation ?

Sure you can. Samples can be provided for quality-check or trade show. Pls note that samples need to be charged. 

How do I change or cancel my order ?

Orders will be arranged to the production department within 3 days, so you have 3 days to change or cancel the order. Pls note that we may not be able to change or cancel the order if it’s already in the production process.