How to Clean a Fabric Headboard?

How to Clean a Fabric Headboard?


As with most household items, fabric headboards can become dusty or unmaintained over time. We've all put together a quick and easy guide to make sure your beautiful bed stays brand new for years to come.

How to Clean a Fabric Headboard?
clean fabric headboard
clean fabric headboard
Fabric headboards add luxury and functionality to your bedroom, and the fine fabrics vary in style and color to create a feeling of comfort and warmth while also being a place to relax. Fabric headboards come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your preferences and requirements, and with a complimentary luxury mattress, you can create a truly luxurious home where you can relax, whether reading the Sunday newspaper or listening to calming sounds Music or chatting and play with your little ones.

As with most household items, fabric headboards can become dusty or unmaintained over time. It can be difficult to notice as it can be a relatively gradual process as accumulated dust settles on the fabric, or in some cases, tragedy strikes, and wine, coffee, or even food settles on the fabric upholstery!

Whether you're spring cleaning or your upholstery desperately needs some TLC, we've put together a quick and easy guide to make sure your beautiful bed stays brand new for years to come.

Step 1: Your weekly routine

Ideally, your fabric headboard should be vacuumed once a week to keep it looking its best. This often means using a handheld vacuum as a useful gadget to reach the depths of intricate folds and clasps to remove the hardest-to-reach dust and dirt. Not only does this keep your bed looking spotless, it also removes excess dust particles from your bedroom for cleaner air (and better sleep).

Step 2: Release the fabric cleaner

Once you're sure you've cleared your bed of everyday dust, it's time to give your beautiful bed some love and care. Choose a reputable fabric cleaner suitable for the task, and don't forget to do a patch test on unseen areas. This means using a small amount of cleaner and returning it within a few hours or even the next day to make sure it hasn't stained or damaged the fabric frame. Let the liquid dry completely to see if it leaves any marks, and make sure to do it during the day. When you're using a cleaner for a quick clean, use it sparingly and always check the label to make sure you're using it correctly - instructions can vary widely depending on the product you choose.

Step 3: Apply baking soda

You've probably cleaned your mattress with baking soda before, and if so, you know how fast it moves around the room. Dab baking soda liberally on your fabric headboard, ideally after removing bedding, sheets, and other household items, and let it work its magic for a few hours. It naturally absorbs moisture and odors, causing particles to enter and make their way to the head of your bed. After two to three hours have passed, it's time to reintroduce the vacuum. You need to be thorough, but once you've collected the baking powder, you'll have a fresh-smelling fabric headboard for a perfect night's sleep.

Urgent step: Stain your fabric headboard

Fabric headboard fabrics are often delicate and require gentle maintenance. If the worst happens and you find that your bed is unfortunate enough to encounter a stainable liquid, try not to panic and scrub it clean. Instead, you'll want to source a trustworthy upholstery cleaner and gently blot liquids, rather than vigorously scrubbing and wiping. Progress may be slow, but the patient technique will serve you well when it comes to preserving precious fabrics.

Know your fabric

Fabric headboards are often made from a variety of materials, and the trick is knowing how to clean the specific fabrics that make up the bed. For example, a velvet bed needs to be treated with a dry, clean cloth and then lightly brushed, which is not the case for a linen headboard, which would benefit from a mild soap or detergent. It's always best to research your fabrics online. As a general guide, man-made fabrics such as polyester are easier to maintain than natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, or silk, and are less absorbent of stains.

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