Fabric Headboards Are the New Trend

Fabric Headboards Are the New Trend


A fabric headboard can enhance the overall look of a bedroom. This article lists the pros and cons of some of the materials widely used for headboards to help you choose the right fabric headboard.

Fabric Headboards Are the New Trend
fabric headboard
fabric headboard
An upholstered fabric headboard not only adds a stylish, soft, and cozy element to the bed but also enhances the overall look of the bedroom. This article lists the pros and cons of some popular trim materials widely used for headboards to help you choose the right fabric headboard.

1. Natural Fabrics

The most common natural fabrics used for upholstered headboards include materials such as cotton and thread


Both linen and cotton are tightly woven for durability; Add pillows for extra comfort.

These natural fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

High-quality cotton and linen are considered organic decorative materials with good antibacterial properties.

Both natural fabrics are very soft and comfortable to the touch when used to upholster a headboard. Note that linen is more expensive than cotton.


Linen and cotton absorb stains easily and are not easy to maintain, especially if you have children around.

Both cotton and linen are susceptible to damage from sunlight and moisture.

2. Synthetic Fabric

Popular synthetic fabrics for fabric headboards include materials such as polyester and chenille (a blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester fibers).


The synthetic fabric provides a lot of softness to the headboard while providing good cushioning for the back.

These fabrics are more durable and stronger than natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Synthetic fibers are highly resistant to most stains and fading.


Synthetic fabrics readily absorb oil stains that may not be able to be removed.

Synthetic fabrics are prone to static electricity and may spark.

3. Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can enhance the overall look of a bedroom.


The velvet has a very nice sheen which gives the bedroom a high-end luxury look.

The velvet has a very soft texture and feels very comfortable and comfortable as a back support.

The weave of this fabric is very thick and it is a very durable material.

Fascinating Headboard Ideas

A simple or luxurious sculpted headboard is the focal point of your bed and provides an inviting backdrop. If you take them seriously, they can become an integral part of your bedroom decor without taking up too much precious space. Check out the many ways a headboard can make a statement for you.

Floating Headboard

This option gives you a lot of flexibility in deciding whether to mount it to the wall or directly to the bed frame. Some freestanding headboards stand alone between the bed and the wall without installation, such as bookcases or storage headboards. An upholstered headboard adds an elegant element to the bedroom. Covered in fabrics like microfiber, linen, or velvet, some options have thick padding, while others are tufted for added luxurious detailing. The padding makes this option comfortable to lean against, which is a good option if you want to use the headboard for support when you sit up in bed.

Obvious Canopy

When people think of canopy beds, they probably picture a four-poster bed frame with fabric on each side. However, the same effect can be created for any type of bed frame by adding a canopy headboard behind the mattress head. This type of headboard is usually covered with fabric, providing a way for the fabric to connect from the bed to the ceiling. The canopy effect can then be achieved. There are several different ways to model a canopy headboard, and this decorative addition can be purchased or made at home.

Patterned Wing Guard

A patterned headboard is one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring a color scheme together, as you can choose a pattern that incorporates a variety of colors – or choose the fabric first and then complement the design by choosing a bedroom wall color, Bedroom curtains, cushions and rugs in the same shade.

Wall to Wall

Wall-to-wall bedroom headboards aren't exactly new. A staple of more modern design, especially in the hospitality industry, designers started putting them in bedrooms long before they started popping up in your social media feed. Suddenly, though, this extra-wide headboard situation seems to be the darling of the DIY bedroom scene, and for good reason. Wall-to-wall headboards can be very affordable, use pretty standard materials - paint, plywood, upholstery fabric, batting, hooks - and completely transform a basic space.

Tufted Whimsical Shades

A headboard can add color, and texture or create a different line in space. These pieces add another visual layer to your bedroom and are the perfect way to add personality. Whether the headboard is upholstered, crafted with eye-catching details, or paired with an accent wall, incorporating a headboard into your bedroom can instantly elevate the design.

Softness and Contrast

A bed with a soft headboard adds elegance to a bedroom and has many functional advantages. The design provides a place to store linens and other accessories, making it possible to organize a convenient storage system at home.

The above briefly introduces the types of fabric headboards, if you want to order fabric headboards, please contact us.

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