How Long Should a Sofa Be Used For?

How Long Should a Sofa Be Used For?


How long should a sofa be used for? Here, we share our expert tips on what to look out for when replacing your beloved sofa.

How Long Should a Sofa Be Used For?
You've found the perfect sofa that complements your decor, is in a fabulous color, and is incredibly comfortable, but the question everyone should keep in mind is, how long will it last? As one of the most used pieces of furniture, you certainly want it to last a long time, especially if you've spent a fortune on it.

On average, with regular and proper maintenance, a sofa should last between seven and 15 years. While you can reupholster it or buy a new pad to give it a new look, sometimes it's best to just let it go and find a new one. Here, we share our expert tips on what to look out for when replacing your beloved sofa.

How Do You Know When Your Sofa Needs Replacing?

Your fabric sofa will experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. However, there are some signs to look out for to know when your sofa needs to be replaced or refurbished.

Frame Creaks - If your frame squeaks every time you sit on your couch, it's probably giving up (literally). Although, sometimes this can be a solvable problem. Check that the screws, nuts, and bolts are all properly tightened and if possible use wood oil or polish to reduce squeaking. However, if the problem persists, it's likely time for a new one.

Pads Have Lost Their Stretch - If plumping up the pads doesn't return them to their natural bouncy state, they're probably worn beyond repair. You can always buy new pads, but you may not be able to find an exact match.

The Fabric Is Torn or Stained - many stains can be removed if treated quickly, but sometimes, over time, they can penetrate deep into the fibers. Fabric sofas can also tear after multiple uses, so if you notice any tears or deep stains, it's time to say goodbye.

Smells - Whether you have pets, or kids, or tend to eat on the couch, spills, stains, and bad smells are inevitable. Most of the time, you can clean fabric sofa cushions and they will be as good as new, however, if the smell is still lingering, it's time to throw it out.

It Doesn't Fit the Space - If your old sofa won't fit after you moved, or if it doesn't fit the aesthetic of your new home, it might be time to start looking for a new sofa.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sofa?

If you start noticing any of the above, from squeaky frames and torn fabrics to dull cushions and weird smells, it's best to start looking for a new fabric sofa. Generally speaking, sofas will keep their best condition for at least 7 years. Afterward, if the sofa is not cared for or maintained properly, it may deteriorate. Also, you may find that your personal style and tastes have changed over the years, so you'll want to swap out your sofa for a more modern one.

How often you should replace your sofa also depends on how much you spend on it. Typically, more expensive couches will last longer, possibly up to 15 years, while cheaper couches made with lower-quality materials will fade faster. A sofa is truly an investment, so we strongly recommend that you take the time to do your research before making a purchase.

You also need to consider the weight capacity of the sofa over the years. Do you let pets or kids jump on it? Is it suitable for the whole family or just your sofa? These factors can affect the lifespan of your sofa and how often you need to replace it.

The above introduces some related issues about when the sofa should be replaced. If you want to buy a new fabric sofa, please contact us.

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